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Hello. Nice characters. I used the blonde one in my game. Thank you.

Can these be easily used in RPG Maker MV?

Thank you for your question.
Unfortunately, these are not easy to incorporate in RPG Maker MV/MZ; you will need to use an image editing program such as Photoshop or GIMP to select and rearrange the sprites to fit RPG Maker MV/MZ. Alternatively, there may be plug-ins for RPG Maker MV/MZ that can be easily integrated.

I don't see the back of the witch in the video.  Is there an animation of the girl witch running away or climbing down a ladder? 


Thank you for your comment. Yes. I did not create the backward-looking data for the witch. I am sure more motions could be made with backward facing data, but I do not plan to create them. Sorry.

可愛い!  How about riding a broom?  (ほうきに乗るのはどうですか)




These assets are so cute!!! I made something for fun with your assets. I like them so much.

Thanks for your comment!
I just saw a demo movie on Twitter! Amazing!
I'm so happy for you! Thank you!

hey there can these assets be used for commercial use , if yes do i have to pay for it? 


Thanks for your comment!

This asset is available for commercial use.
Payment is optional.

Cute artstyle. I was thinking about using them for a GameJam but I usually like to do my own animations, would it possible for you to add an image with the individual parts in the files? Great assets nonetheless.


Thank you for your comment!

I had a file of part images that I used when I made the animation, so I added the file.
Read the article here for more information.

Add a part image to create your own animation - PIPOYA FREE 2D Game Character Sprites by pipoya


Thank you again for taking some of your time to do and post this.

you are one of the nicest artists I have seen on itch :)

Oh, thank you so much!

I'm glad you did.

I made a Sample for my RPGDatabase tool with your character assets.


Wow! Great!
I'm glad my assets are of use to you.
Thanks for the report!

Thank you, for now i'm a student and will use it for free, sorry ! But i promise i will pay for it, if i decide to make it public

Thank you for your comment!
I hope your work is completed.

Hey Pipoya, do you do comissions aswell?

hank you for your comment!

Commission is possible.
If you have the details, please let us know via this form.

this is awesome 😍😍

Thank you!
Please use it.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Awesome!  I love it!  Especially the little slime.
Because you made them animate we can actually use them in games, other packs online might not be animated not much we can do with them, but this we can.  Thanks!

Thank you for your comment!
Slime movement is cute.
Please make use of it.