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I hope it will be useful for the game you are making.

- 50 monsters
- 4 boss monsters
- 3 color variations (Except the boss)
- sizes 480x480, 1280x600 (boss)
- png

- For commercial or personal use.
- Use and edit freely.
- Not redistribute or resell this asset.
- It can be used for game development and other productions.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, free, JRPG, Monsters, RPG Maker, Sprites


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Pipoya RPG Monster Pack.zip 29 MB

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Not the first time using your graphics, this time used it here:


Amazing work, thanks for sharing!

It would be awesome if you could share the svg or asprite files for these! They look amazing :)

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Hello! I'm using your awesome monsters as the enemies of my game. It would be awesome if you can take a look:


Thanks for sharing these awesome creations for free. They are a gem <3

Hello, Thank you for using my monster illustrations. I am glad you like it.

I would pay money for you to make human characters in this same style! Like warriors, archers, mages, male and female, different body types, etc. These are perfect for a first person dungeon crawler I'm making, but I can't find any portraits or player characters that match the style. 

Thank you for your comment.

I don't think human characters will be added to this set as they are a bit cumbersome. Maybe someday I will at least make a bad bandit. Therefore, if you really need it, please contact us with the details of the illustrations you need using the form on the following page and we will let you know the price.

Pipoya - itch.io

hI THANK YOU ! lovely art style! I wish one day to be able to make my own but these are well made!

Thank you for your comment.
Glad you like this art style! These monster illustrations were created in Adobe Illustrator, with a little Photoshop used for finishing.

나는 당신이 당신을 감사 사랑 해요


hello I love your designs, can I use them in my app, for free?

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, you can use it for free in your apps and creations.


Hi Pipoya, your work is really amazing.

I have used some of it in my recent game, hope you don't mind.


Thank you for your comment.
I'm glad the monster I created was useful. I played your game, and the battle scenes were so powerful and cool!

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Pipoya, I LOVE what you do and am very grateful for it. I'm hobbling together an amateur game using RPG Maker and your monsters are perfect for it! Thank you for generously making these glorious creatures available!

I'm wondering if you ever do commission work for folks? I'd love to pay you something to design several enemies for me in this same style. Thoughts?

Gratefully, ReadeZ00X0

Thank you for your comment. I'm so glad I could help! As for commissions, I don't have time to accept them at the moment. I'm sorry. Adding more types of monsters itself is still one of the things I need to do.



Thanks for responding, Pipoya. Glad to hear you are busy! You kick a mountainside of asses!

Bro todo esta chulo pero un juego RPG necesita las cuatro direcciones y animaciones pero lo demas es 100 de 100

Gracias por su comentario.
Es difícil hacer 4 direcciones, pero me gustaría intentar animarlo algún día.


se que es difícil y no te juzgo pero tus sprites están chulos

Hey, is it possible to get these images as vector files, so colors etc can be customized?

Thank you for your comment.
I think I replied to you on Twitter, didn't I? I'm sorry I didn't reply here.

Hey These are awesome thank you for your work! it really is appreciated! Keep it up! :) 

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you enjoyed it.


these are the most amazing characters I've seen for free! You are very talented! Is there more of your work available besides itch.io?

Thanks for your comment!
It's very encouraging.

I'm sorry that we can't add more variety.
Other than ichi.io, there are other websites in Japanese, but we only have the same type of ENEMY illustrations as ichi.io.

Hey! Thanks a lot for this amazing pack!

Thanks for your comment!
I'm glad you like it.

Hi there!

I want to let you know that I use your "pipo enemy40a" - "c" on my upcoming game RB: Axolotl. I read the license, and this seems OK, but I wanted to be sure. The enemies are only on screen for a total of 5 minutes playtime. This is a paid game. Lemme know if that's cool with you, or if you'd like to see screenshots. 



Hello, Acta.
Thank you for your comment!

I am honored to have you use it in your game.
Of course, I have no problem using it.

Hope your game will be great.


i love your monsters it's exactly what i search but i have a question

are the monsters have animations ?

Thanks for the comment!
I'm glad you like it.

Unfortunately, there is no animation on these.
However, I've made three different types of animations on the following page.
There is a possibility to increase the type of animation in this format.

PIPOYA FREE 2D Game Character Sprites

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Hello , Amazing Work !! And you said its not possible to reuse in Game Development right ? Even if I mention you in credits ?

Thank you for your comment!
You can use it for game development.
Credits can be mentioned or not mentioned.

Hello your little stone golem is cute, and I think it would be a good mascot for a group I am leading.  Can you e-mail or reply, I'd like to use it and maybe pay to get a few poses.

Thank you for your comment!

I'm glad you like my illustration of Gorem.
Please use it as a mascot.

Requests for additional pose illustrations are also welcome.
If the details are decided, please contact us via the form below.
I will let you know the price and period.

PIPOYA Contact Form - Google forms

Hello Pipoya!
Your monsters now live in Mobclick - i hope that you will be glad :)


They are awesome, if you would make more i would definitely buy them!

Hi Xanusek.

Thank you for wonderful news!
I enjoyed it when I saw monsters living in a Mobclick.

In the near future, I think that the monster will increase slightly, so please look forward to it.

Hi Pipoya! Love your monsters and we used some of them for new watch face games available on smartwatches. You can see the announcement here: https://news.facer.io/introducing-watch-face-games-f2fd683b0225

Kudos again for your great work, we'll make sure to donate to support you!

The Facer crew

Hi littleariel.

Thank you for letting the monsters live on smartwatch.
very cute!

And thanks for the donation!

Hi Pipoya, 

We're really happy with your art style and implemented your work in a Blockchain based game called MonsterEOS.io We'd love to create you an EOS account for you to try out the game and to discuss the possibility of investing more into these pieces. 

My email is johnjwilliamson@live.com I look forward to hearing from you!

John from MonsterEOS

Hi John,

Thank you for your comment and use of assets I made.
MonsterEOS is a nice project.
I sent you an email so please check it.

Hi Pipoya

Congratulations on the quality of your work. It really is outstanding. The animated graphics you have on your blog are also excellent .

I'd like to look at including your assets in a project but I need to clarify a few things. Can you please provide me with an email address - my contact is jon.silvera@fuze.co.uk

I think you will love the project, it is FUZE4 Nintendo Switch.  It's a 'learn to code' application for users to create their own games and apps. It may also be released on Windows, Android, Xbox, Playstation and Apple devices.

You can see more here: https://www.fuze.co.uk/nintendo-switch.html

I hope to hear from you

Many thanks

Jon Silvera
FUZE Technologies Ltd

Hi Jon

Thank you for your comment,

FUZE4 Nintendo Switch is wonderful!
Please confirm that I sent you an e-mail.

nice graphics

Thank you! I am happy.