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Hi Pipoya! Love this tile set, it if fantastic!

I saw you was going to bring winter and destroyed tiles from your 16x16 set here - is it still happening? That would be sooo awesome! 

PS I tried to read your blog via google translate but it is really hard -(

Thank you for your comment!
I'm happy to like it.

Sorry, I don't have much time and I haven't updated the tile yet.

Thanks for reading the blog.
I hope the Japanese translation will be even better.

This is very good!

Thank you!

The most beautiful pack I've ever seen. I hope to see more "states" of items just like opened door, opened wardrobe and etc and something like staves and wands in different colours.
Thank you anyway for big tileset pack in one graphic style.

Thank you for your comment!
I'm glad you like it!
If you have the time, please wait for a while as we want to create various additional parts.
The open wardrobe is nice!

Hi! This is a very beautiful set! Do you have any idea though, why many of the tiles are invisible when used with Löve Framework / sti?  Basically the ones with [A] work and most of the others not for me.

Thank you for your comment.
Since I first knew Löve Framework / sti, I tried Google search.
I don't know why, but resaving the image in your own image editing program may help.

This is so perfect.  I'll be using this for many of my upcoming projects!  I appreciate your work and I'll be sure to reference you! <3

Thank you for your comment.
I'm glad to help you with your project!

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Thanks , great work.

may i know what tools did you use for create this ?


Thanks for your comment!
I used Adobe Photoshop to make this all.
I customize Photoshop for pixel art.

Just wanted to say I have just checked out your assets and have a comment and a question. The pack is good quality and I have noticed looking through then that they look kinda similar in design to what RPGMaker uses. So my question is, Can they be used in RPG Maker as well as Unity?

Thank you for your comment!
I will answer your question.

Part of this tileset is conscious of the format of the RPG Maker, so I think it can be used in the RPG Maker.
In addition, there are no usage restrictions for RPG Maker and other game engines.

That's good to know. Because I want to use them in the classes that I am starting at the Boys & Girls Club here in the town I live in. I will make sure that any games will have a credit for you and your site here. And would it be okay if I linked your site on both my youtube channel, but a couple of other websites that I manage?

That's great!
I am honored to be of help to my children's class.
I am also thankful that you write the credit.

There is no problem with the link to my site.
Thank you!

Hi love this pack and the 16 bit one. but there are som textures in the 16 bit one that are not in the 32bit one  can i ask why and are you planning on adding them.  

Thank you for your comment!

I started with the 16bit one and then started to make the 32bit one.
When I was making the 32bit one, I didn't intend to make it as compatible as it is now, so I made some extra parts.
It's an unorganized part.

Soory, I am not thinking about additional plan now.

Fantastic! Exactly what I am looking for! Much appreciated!

Thank you for your comment!
I'm glad I could help you.


I’m happy to help.

Really good set! Thanks a lot for this

Thank you!
I'm glad you liked it.

Could you please add floor spikes that come up from the ground? Cheers

Thank you for your comment!
I found some floor spikes already made, so I will upload them here.

Unorganized Parts - FREE RPG Tileset 32x32 by pipoya

It is unorganized, so I will add it to the main set someday.


You're the first person I see to include a sample map for tile! 

That's incredibly helpful! :D


Thank you for your comment!
I see.
I'm glad I made a sample map.

Wow beautiful set! thank you for share.

Thank you for your comment!
Stay tuned for updates.