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Hi Popoya,

is there anyway to contact you in private? Do you make Tilesets by order, or characters? Could i order something from you? Ofc i will pay. Please let me know how we can talk.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the comment!
Yes, I can also create tilesets and character sprites to order. There is a google form here to contact me.

PIPOYA Contact Form

Best regards.

Hi Pipoya
Thank you for this lovely Tileset.

Thanks for your comments!
I'm glad you like this tileset.

Hello, love your tilesets. I started working with your 16x16, but then decided to make my game 32x32 to get more detail in characters and armor when i create them, do you still plan to add some of the missing items from the 16x16? I do know it is probably a lot of work, but I am just curious. I make maps in sections and make like updates with new maps like snow and stuff when you get to them. If you do not plan on them anytime soon, i might go back to 16x16, so that is why I am wondering. Again love your work though its all amazing

mainly talking about the snow and cave/dungeon stuff

Thanks for the comment!
I'm glad you like the tileset I made. I'm sorry I haven't been able to add more data.
The caves and dungeons were just something I was planning to make within the last month or two. As for the snow version, I don't know when I will make it due to lack of time. However, I will keep in mind that you are in need of it.

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With a little editing, opensimplex noise, Godot autotile, and YOUR BEAUTIFUL ARTWORK!!!
I could make this randomly generated terrain


Thanks for the comment!
Very nice forest you have here! Yes, please enjoy this tileset by editing it with different ideas.

Hi. Is packing the assets into a pck file by Godot fulfil the licence requirement to not redistribute it?

Thanks for the question.
If you want to include them in a game made with Godot or any other game engine, there is no problem. Basically, if a third party cannot use the asset directly, it is not considered redistribution.


Thank you!

hi there, do you have a 48x48 version of this? because i use RPG maker mv so i ask for 48x48 version

Thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, I have no plans to make a 48x48 version of these. These are difficult because of the pixel art.

Pokémon Game in unity 

made of me use this tileset

in end of the game

Thank you for your comment.
I'm honored to be used in your game!


no, i am honored for you create this tileset

Hey! Love the tile sheet, great work! I used it recently in a Game Jam entry: (WOWIE 3.0). I have put links to your page in the game description, and the starting screen of the game. Hope this counts as Credit.

Thanks for the comment!
Congrats on the release of your game! I'm honored that the tileset I made is useful to you.
On your page and on your game screen, I have checked the URL to my page that is displayed. The credit is now good to go. Thank you very much.


You are very welcome, thanks again for creating such high quality assets and allowing people like me to use them in games!

Hi, LOVING your tileset! Had a question, how do I get the water tileset matching with this one? And also a cave tileset. Thanks!

Thank you for your comment.
The water tileset is contained in a separate folder. It is in the folder named [A]_type. Unfortunately, I have not yet created the cave tileset.

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Ohh okay thanks. Any chance you're going to work on a cave tileset in the near feature?

I'd like to make it, but I have so many other things to do that I can't do this work yet. I'm sorry.

Hi, its work on construct 3?

Thanks for the comment.
I've never used construct 3, so I don't know.

it doesnt work, the file wont open...

or even show in folder..

Thank you for your comment.
I have downloaded the file and checked it, and it is fine. I don't know the cause of the problem, so please try another computer if possible.

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did you even unzip the file

how do I need to credit you if I use this in my project?

Thank you for your comment.
If you would like to credit me, please write the following.


Ok,  but what are the requirements for crediting you? If  I use this in a commercial game, can I just put your name and the link in the credits under "assets sourced from:" or do I need to specify which assets? Also, am I allowed to make changes to the sprites to help them fit my game better?

There are no difficult requirements. As long as you follow the license notation on this page, you're good to go.
FREE RPG Tileset 32x32 by pipoya
I leave it up to you to decide how to post your credit, but we have no objection to what you present. Editing the sprites is no problem.

In this pack, are there tree/grass animations? Like cutting down the tree and wind? 

It's not. Nor do I have any plans to make it, unfortunately.

Ok, Thanks!

Really big fan of this tileset and I'm currently using it for my first game, thanks for sharing.  Is there any chance of continuing the 'add work'?  As the sprites are more detailed it is a bit of a shame to mix with them with the previous ones.

Thanks for your comment!
I'm very happy that you like the tile set I made.
I'd like to continue working on the additional parts, but I've been too busy to make any progress.
For now, I'm making some progress on the door animation additions and will release them when they're finished. After that I plan to make the dungeon parts.

That's great, I look forward to it!




Are you planning to add more items from the 16x16 package? For example, door animation, snow?

Thanks for your comment!

I have a few door animations to work on and will release them in the next update when they're finished.
Snow will be the last thing to go after I make the dungeon and destruction, so don't expect much.

Thank you so much this is going to be in my rpg game


Thanks for your comment!
Hope this helps with the RPG games you make!

Hello, your chipset is amazing. We will use it to create our level selection map in our game, it is very complete, thank you very much for uploading it for free.

Thanks for your comment!
I'm glad to help you with your game development.
I hope your game will be great.

I just came here to say that not only do I really like the look and the extend of this pack, but I need to tell you how incredible happy I am that this is the first tileset pack I've found in itch where the roads and walls etc. are 100% compatible with Godot's 3x3 (minimal) Autotile feature (AND the autotile bitmapping is really easy to create because the tiles are so clear). Thanks a million, good job!


Thanks for your comment!

I don't remember it being intended at the time it was created, but the Godot Engine's AutoTile I'm glad it was compatible with the features.
Godot has been of interest to me as well and I was going to learn about it.
Thanks for the good news!


Godot is a great engine if you need tutorials you can always checkout heartbeast on YouTube he makes great videos

Thanks for your comment!
Godot is in active development and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them in the future.
I followed the heartbeast channel.

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Pipoya, TWOquestions. Are you still doing more tilesets or are you going to finishing addwork.png? and.. by any chance would you be interested in working on the 2d browser mmorpg game we are developing?

Thank you for your comment!

I'm sorry I haven't been able to make an addition to this tileset.
I hope to resume it when I have more time.

Also, you sent me an email form.
I will reply to you by email.

Wow, thank you so much pipoya!

Thank you for your comment!
I'm glad I can help you.

nice tileset. Why is it blurry in unity?

Thank you for your comment!

I don't know as I don't use Unity, but just wondering if Lubenem's post would be helpful?

Also, Ik this is insanely late,  but you might want to turn filtering off. I use Godot, so I wouldn't really know about Unity, but I presume that Unity has this option as well.

Thanks for the addendum!
By the way, I'm preparing an optimized version of this tileset for Godot. I'd be glad to get some advice when I publish it.

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Your welcome!

Also, I would be glad to give some feedback on the Godot version

Also, I have a question. What software do you use to make these tilesets?

I used Adobe Photoshop to create this tileset. I used a different program just to check the animation.
The program is in Japanese, but here it is.

Hello, your tileset is cool, but when I import it to unity it's small and blurry even with point(no filter). Somebody help me please, I want to use this awesome tileset but i can't.


Ok, solved. If somebody will have same problem just set max size to maximum. Pipoya, thanks for your work, bro.


Thank you for your comment!
I'm glad your problem has been resolved.

Man, where can I find examples of maps made with this tileset?

I've included files for the Tiled Map Editor.
I don't have any other sample maps for this.

Tiled Map Editor

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Hello! I love this tileset. It's very beautiful...

Can I use this tileset with other maker tool?

My English is not good… 

But I would appreciate it if you could answer! thanks!!


Thank you for your comment!
Yes, it can be used with other things.

Thank you!!

so rad thx

Hi Pipoya! Love this tile set, it if fantastic!

I saw you was going to bring winter and destroyed tiles from your 16x16 set here - is it still happening? That would be sooo awesome! 

PS I tried to read your blog via google translate but it is really hard -(

Thank you for your comment!
I'm happy to like it.

Sorry, I don't have much time and I haven't updated the tile yet.

Thanks for reading the blog.
I hope the Japanese translation will be even better.

This is very good!

Thank you!

The most beautiful pack I've ever seen. I hope to see more "states" of items just like opened door, opened wardrobe and etc and something like staves and wands in different colours.
Thank you anyway for big tileset pack in one graphic style.

Thank you for your comment!
I'm glad you like it!
If you have the time, please wait for a while as we want to create various additional parts.
The open wardrobe is nice!

Hi! This is a very beautiful set! Do you have any idea though, why many of the tiles are invisible when used with Löve Framework / sti?  Basically the ones with [A] work and most of the others not for me.

Thank you for your comment.
Since I first knew Löve Framework / sti, I tried Google search.
I don't know why, but resaving the image in your own image editing program may help.

This is so perfect.  I'll be using this for many of my upcoming projects!  I appreciate your work and I'll be sure to reference you! <3

Thank you for your comment.
I'm glad to help you with your project!

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Thanks , great work.

may i know what tools did you use for create this ?


Thanks for your comment!
I used Adobe Photoshop to make this all.
I customize Photoshop for pixel art.

Just wanted to say I have just checked out your assets and have a comment and a question. The pack is good quality and I have noticed looking through then that they look kinda similar in design to what RPGMaker uses. So my question is, Can they be used in RPG Maker as well as Unity?

Thank you for your comment!
I will answer your question.

Part of this tileset is conscious of the format of the RPG Maker, so I think it can be used in the RPG Maker.
In addition, there are no usage restrictions for RPG Maker and other game engines.

That's good to know. Because I want to use them in the classes that I am starting at the Boys & Girls Club here in the town I live in. I will make sure that any games will have a credit for you and your site here. And would it be okay if I linked your site on both my youtube channel, but a couple of other websites that I manage?

That's great!
I am honored to be of help to my children's class.
I am also thankful that you write the credit.

There is no problem with the link to my site.
Thank you!

Hi love this pack and the 16 bit one. but there are som textures in the 16 bit one that are not in the 32bit one  can i ask why and are you planning on adding them.  

Thank you for your comment!

I started with the 16bit one and then started to make the 32bit one.
When I was making the 32bit one, I didn't intend to make it as compatible as it is now, so I made some extra parts.
It's an unorganized part.

Soory, I am not thinking about additional plan now.

Fantastic! Exactly what I am looking for! Much appreciated!

Thank you for your comment!
I'm glad I could help you.


I’m happy to help.

Really good set! Thanks a lot for this

Thank you!
I'm glad you liked it.

Could you please add floor spikes that come up from the ground? Cheers

Thank you for your comment!
I found some floor spikes already made, so I will upload them here.

Unorganized Parts - FREE RPG Tileset 32x32 by pipoya

It is unorganized, so I will add it to the main set someday.


You're the first person I see to include a sample map for tile! 

That's incredibly helpful! :D


Thank you for your comment!
I see.
I'm glad I made a sample map.

Wow beautiful set! thank you for share.


Thank you for your comment!
Stay tuned for updates.

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