I had accidentally uploaded a different grade.

Hey guys. I made a mistake.

I had accidentally uploaded another version early in the publishing process. It was a slightly more feature-rich version, so if you have already downloaded it, you may use it as is. However, please note that future versions will be the normal version unless I make a mistake.

The differences in functionality are described in this article. Since it is in Japanese, please use your browser's translate function. English documentation will be provided in the future.

Difference between the free version and the support site version

A support site is a Japanese service similar to "patreon" and I have set up pages on several services. Sorry to sound like an advertisement, but I think "pixivFANBOX" is easy to understand, so I will post the link. Since we can only provide articles in Japanese, we cannot actively recommend them, but if you are interested, please subscribe.


Thank you.

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I am interested in the support site version, but first, I would like to know if you have any plans on making an english version of the support site version or at least a text file to let us know how to use it? Thanks a bunch! :D


Thanks for your interest in the support site version of this! The support site version of this program has been translated into English as well as the free version posted here. The names of the characters and parts have also been translated into English. The online documentation describing how to use "CharaMEL" will be translated into English in the future. The Japanese version of the online documentation already includes explanations of the features of the support site version.
Thank you.

Oh, I see! That's good to know! ✦.✦
If it's already been translated in english, then I'm gonna go buy it right away!
For the online documentation, I'll use a translator to translate it into english.


Yes, I forgot to attach an image, but this is how the support site version looks in English. I will update just tomorrow or the next day or two. The articles on the support site itself are beyond my workload, so I can only provide Japanese, but if you have any questions, please feel free to let me know. Thank you.

Yes, I was trying it out yesterday and its really well made! ✦.✦

Thank you sooo much for making such an awesome program!

Its perfectly fine if you cant translate the articles on the support site. The translator add-on that Im using is doing its job just fine.

Lastly, I do have one question. Would it be possible to request some parts?


Thanks for liking CharaMEL!
Yes, the translation add-on is a great thing. 
Just today I updated the support site version and the free version, so please take a look.
You can request parts, of course. Some content may be difficult or time consuming, but we welcome your requests.

Do you have plans to release a paid version of this software on Itch.io at some point in the future?  I would like to get the full version that includes the 48x48 sprites, but I can't figure out how to sign up on the support site to gain access to that feature.

Thanks for making this!  It's really helpful.


Thanks for the question! I am glad you like it.
I'm sorry. Unfortunately I have no plans to release a paid version on Itch.io. How to sign up for pixivFANBOX is difficult for me to explain in English, but it seems you need to create a pixiv account first. Here is a link to the help page in English.


There are also similar pages of mine on other sites. Please consider this one if it is easier to understand.